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Professional Liability Insurance For Title X Funded Family Planning Clinics Since 1980


Our firm specializes in insurance products for Family Planning Clinics and is pleased to offer a comprehensive Professional and General Liability Insurance Program designed for clinics that deliver a broad range of health care and educational services to their clients.


Professional liability exposures unique to family planning are covered under the program. At your request we have made the following enhancements:
  • Amended the definition of “employee” to include leased workers and independent contractors;
  • Added the independent contractor/employed medical director endorsement to cover administrative duties as a medical director;
  • Added Grantees as additional insureds as respects their interest as a funding source;


Other program features include:
  • Defense costs are in addition to the limit of liability
  • Coverage for sexual misconduct is available
  • Insureds include the Entity, Board Members, Employees, and Volunteers


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Both “claims-made” and “occurrence” forms are available. For those clinics that have “claims-made coverage” our newest feature is an unlimited extended reported period endorsement, commonly known as “tail coverage”, for 110% of the annual premium.  Clinics that may need to discontinue operations or merge with another clinic, no longer have to face the high cost of dealing with incurred but not reported liabilities or be concerned with The Statue of Limitations in your state.


Our family planning clinic program has evolved over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of family planning clinics and will continue to evolve as future needs may arise.  Although we have expanded coverage under the program, insurance premiums continue to decrease year over year due to the very favorable claims experience of family planning organizations.


Available in most states thru:
MacDonald & Vaccaro Insurance Agency, Inc.
9 Bedford Street
Burlington, MA 01803


Insuring Family Planning Clinics since 1980


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